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What we do


because designing is in our blood!

We are fast and precise. If you work with us, you can move into the house of your dreams in less then three months. In a house which radiates warmth, is in harmony with nature and almoast lives with it's inhabitants. It moves, breathes, it has a soul.


because we love building!

The houses raised by our team are not pure buildings, but charming living spaces with a friendly character. We can help you escape the noise, and stress of the residatial district. You should keep in mind, that if you order from us you neeed not choose between comfort and calm, we provide it both.


because we love challanges!

We welcome personal requests.Every personal need or request tests our creativity, which in turn enriches our experience.

There is no bigger challenge to our designers, then fulfilling your dreams.


this way at end we see the satisfaction in your eyes.

After the prodaction of the parts we pack the the house wall by wall, this way you could assamble a smaller Villa with your friends as well. For those with an adventurous nature buiding their own house is an experience for a lifetime.

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Korondi Árcsó


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T: 00-40-266-249-258
Email: office@arcso.ro

Korondi Árcsó
Corund, str. Principală no. 1469/B,jud. Harghita, Romania

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