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Who we are

A family business, real seklers from the Sóvidék region

Our passion is the construction, design and also the creation of values. We started our work in a small workroom, but we were ambitious and since then the passion, the creativity and the love for wood keep us working.

The wood is our best friend

Since 1993 we have been working to give chance for many people to live and to relax in a natural atmosphere.

Our values are: reliability, punctuality and promptness

For this reason, we expand our experiences and skills, making possible for our clients the comfortable living in modern houses.

We bring in your life the magnificent Harghita!

We share with you Harghita's natural wonder, the wood. Our main purpose is to feel the sekler pin forrest's rustle, whereever you live in this world. For giving chance to live, to meet and to create in a healthy, warm atmosphere.

who we are

Our Team

Id. Balázs Ferenc // CEO

Balázs Ferenc is the founder and the leader of the Korondi Árcsó Ltd. He has more than 20 years of experience on the field.

Ifj. Balázs Ferenc // Executive Director

Ifj. Balázs Ferenc has been working for our firm for 4 years now. His main responsabilities include the oversight of the timber house sales and production.

Tófalvi János // Project manager

He works at our company from the year 2005. Main responsabilities: the management and supervision of our projects in course of implementation.  

Fancsali Imola // Geotechnic Ingeneer

She works at our company from the year 2012. Her main responsabilities: the design of wooden houses according to the needs of our clients, calculation of price offers, public relations.

Tófalvi Izabella // Secretary

She works at our company from the year 2009. Her main responsability is data management. Also she is the human resource manager of our company. 

Gál István // Engeneer

He works at our company from the year 2013. His main responsabilities are the supervision and conduction of our building procedures.

Csegzi Mihály // CFO

He began his work at our company in 2015. His main responsability is the supervision of our comapany's economical status.

Tamás Tibor // Technition

He works at our company since 2012. His main responsibilities include: the design and the supervision of technical and the production procedures of our wooden houses.

Get In Touch

T: 00-40-266-249-258

Korondi Árcsó
Corund, str. Principală no. 1469/B,jud. Harghita, Romania

From Monday to Sunday: 9 - 17
Saturday, Sunday: Closed