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The complete implementation of the wooden house that I bought from you have been delayed for certain reasons. So up until now I don't have a lot of experience concerning the usage of the house, since I've just had the opportunity to take it over. As I mentiond before I was very pleased with the quality of the product, and the service, because you have fulfilled all my special requests. After the assambladge of the house it came to my attention that on rainy days, the open front, where the entrance is located, became wet. To fix this problem I have installed a mini roof above that part of the house. Wooden houses in general have a natural, warm feeling, as does the one that you made for me. At first when i was thinking about buying a house, I was hesitant to order from you because of the big distance, but now I am pleased that I have choosen to do so. Based on my experience with your company I can easily recommand you as a company and your product to anyone who would like to buy a wooden house. Transilvania always had a special place in my heart due to it's beauty, and my many good memories. Your good work and product strengthened this feeling. Thank you.

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Dr.Karikó György

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