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What we do

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We do restorations

The restoration of public buildings is another important activity of the Korondi Árcsó company. So far we concluded two big projects of the kind.

We build public buildings

Besides restoring public buildins we build them as well. Public buildings we built: Mayor's Office Korond commune, Mayor's Office Parajd commune.

We build roads

Our company took part in building several roads in Hraghita county. In our portfolio you can find information about two of these projects.

We build timber houses

We have been building timber houses for more than 20 years now. We raised houses in Germany, Netherland, Greece, Hungary and so forth.

While working we keep in mind:

  • our clients needs
  • the deadlines
  • the surroundings

One of our main concenrns while working is the needs of our clients. In the case of the timber houses our designers and engineers go out of their ways to fulfill all our clients wishes. They try to design these buildings in way that fits our clients personality. Due to the effective communication between our engineers and our fellow workers, the two procceses of the workflow (design and implementation) are very well connected, which leads to a well-balanced product quality. Another base of this quality is the fact that most of our fellow workers have been working with us since the foundation of our company, they are more than familiar with all of the production processes. This way we can garantee the same quality for all our clients.

Road building is another main activity of our company. At first we  supplied the necessary gravel for the roads from our own mines. Since, these sources have dried up. Now we buy the materials from other suppliers. But the fact that we were in the business of mining makes us qualified to decide if the given material is good for the given project or not. The many years of work on the field of road building has sreved us well, besides the experience, which is not negligible, through the years we have managed to aquire the necessary equipment for mesurable projects as well. At the same time by working side by side with other companies on various projects we aquired partners, which, though we are a small company makes us capable of undertaking bigger projects.

Along the road we should mention restoration of buildings as well. It is another time-onored activity of the Korondi Árcsó. The best examples are enumerated, for the ones who are interested, in our portfolio. When one does restoration or renovation on a building, it is essential to take a good look at it's surroundings, at the whole town or cityscape, for the porpuse of estabilishing a framework of mind, in which one can find a way of restoring, not rebuilding. For this reason, before the beginning of any kind of work, our collegues spend an adequate amount of time on the spot for the reason of achieving just this goal. After which they can adequately plan the necessary steps of the project. Our experts are professionally well prepared and they are meticulous in doing their work.

what we do

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